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Ichi-Boy 2 Bladez: Bleach Chapter 542

Warning: Spoilers ahead...

Seems like that overly dramatic sequence of Ol' Man Zan fading away to reveal his true form was used as fodder for Ichigo to have sentimental memories of the all the times Zan actually used Quincy abilities to save him from near-death situations. One has to wonder why these abilities haven't been showcased by the easily-defeated Uryu. Ichigo then accepts that both his Hollow and Quincy counterparts are his zanpakuto and actually grabs the blade being forged by Oetsu. An over-the-top sequence occurs where the zanpakuto dries up the entire body of water surrounding Oetsu's peninsula and finally, we see that the normally modest Zangetsu's true form is not 1 but...


#TRU. Both climatic and anti-climatic at the same time, Zangetsu has become a sleeker version of his shikai form and a smaller separate sword, symbolizing Ichigo's duality as Hollow and Quincy united to become a Shinigami weapon. So we've seen the new toys, now it's time to see what they can do.


Personally, I've always thought the idea of fighting with two swords was awkward in Bleach. Ironically, the two students of Captain Yamamoto, Kyoraku and Ukitake both possess dual-sword zanpakuto so this could be some foreshadowing of Ichigo rising up the ranks in Soul Society. It looks like we'll get to see Zangetsu's new abilities (or at least I hope they're new because that would be disappointing if all he can do is getsuga tensho) some other time because the story has moved to Vandenreich headquarters and Juha Bach's next move.


Tite Kubo's most successful manga series to date is the action-packed supernatural fantasy tale, Bleach. In this world, Soul Reapers aka Shinigami guide spirits of the dead to a purgatory-esque land known as Soul Society. Corrupted wandering souls, the monstrous Hollows are hunted down by the Shinigami while spiritually-aware humans known as the Quincy are engaged in a conflict with the Shinigami that threatens the balance of the universe. The protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, quite possibly the wildcard of all wildcards, could be the key to ending the war. In short, Bleach is full of bloody sword-play, many interesting characters with some of the most unique abilities and powers in manga history and fights on the scale of Dragonball Z bouts.


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