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The single most important piece to any DSLR camera is the lens, & shopping for one can be a hair pulling experience. There are all kind of lenses out there & if your new to photography the last thing you want to do is drop $600 on a piece of glass you dont need. Lucky for you there is a new site called thats here to solve the problems that plague photographers when shopping for a new lens.

Looking to take pictures of beautiful landscapes ? Or maybe you want to cover an events & need something for low light ? Doesn't matter, has a visual lens guide that makes the process of shopping for new glass much simpler.

No need to remember loads of technical jargon

...the guide will help you find exactly the type of lens you need for each situation. Last but not least they also provide you with user reviews for people like me who need that extra push to make a purchase lol. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, is a god send for people who want to improve their photography with quality glass. Highly recommended !